The Memorial online store supports the following means of payments:

- by credit card: Visa, MasterCard, other credit cards or payment cards indicated on the site (secured entry by SSL encryption). The card bank account is charged while processing your order. When paying, the Customer is automatically redirected to the site of the seller's banking partner. The latter never has access to the customer's banking data: he is only informed by the banking partner of the correct transaction of the payment. For the payment by credit card, the site uses the 3DSecure system, a program created by Visa and Mastercard in order to reinforce the security of online payments.

- by e-carte bleue system: in this case, the card bank account is charged immediately.

- by PayPal: to pay his order by Paypal, the customer will select this payment method on the dedicated page. He will then be redirected to a secure area to connect to his Paypal account and validate the payment of his order. In case of payment by PayPal, the conditions of use of PayPal are applied.

- by Paylib: the Paylib option is available if the customer has subscribed it with his bank. By choosing this method of payment, the customer is redirected to the Paylib secure server and will access his Paylib account to validate the payment of his current order.

- by bank transfer: this method of payment is only available for professional customers.

All online payments on this site are secured by an SSL Certificate.