Le port d'Arromanches / Arromanches Harbour


History of Arromanches Harbour.

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For the general public, the landing is above all the unforgettable images of the "Longest Day" or "We must save Private Ryan". It is often not known that behind this spectacular military operation, there is the most formidable organization of all time that Michel Chevalet brings back to life for you: the construction of two artificial harbors. A meccano of 500 pieces, weighing 1/2 million tons, brought in parts from England and installed in 8 days to land 200,000 vehicles and 2 million men. Without Omaha and especially Arromanches, the allies might not have managed the landing.
INCLUDED: a panoramic view of the harbor in 1944.

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Michel Chevalet
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PAL - Zone 2 (Europe)