Objets oubliés - Coiffures du Débarquement


From June 6 to 14, 1944, in Normandy, the fate of the world will be played out. This first decisive phase of the landing will lead the allies of the beaches until the stagnation in front of Caen. Will the allies succeed in their incredible bet: Establish a bridgehead in Normandy to defeat Nazi Germany? 

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The soldiers have left on the battlefield hairstyles and personal equipment that tell us today History. Each hairstyle has a story, each hairstyle is attached to a place and a moment of landing. It is also the story of these men, these anonymous soldiers, their meeting with the great moments of the landing. Thanks to the specific badges and markings that were painted for the D-Day and the Battle of Normandy, we can place these objects in their place and their historical context. These witnesses abandoned during the fighting will make you relive the decisive hours of the landing. Discover moving stories and exceptional photos.

Charles Stiri
Heimdal Eds
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